JetBlue JFK Terminal: It Only Took a Year for Us to Get Things Right, But At Least We Did In the End


An interesting one by way of our e-mail inbox. Today we heard from Liz Beazley from the design firm Gensler who wished to clarify a post we’d made from more than a year ago (actually, it was from our predecessor, Eva). It’s a correction about what was, even then, a seemingly very confused topic: who designed the building and interiors for the JetBlue terminal at JFK? So to set the record straight, here’s the scoop straight from Liz, who we’re very grateful to for writing in:

We didn’t realize the JetBlue – Rockwell/Gensler confusion had resurfaced, and came across the December posts just now. Just to clarify, Gensler has always been the building and interior architect. Rockwell is the designer of the Marketplace area experience ONLY. All other interiors and all wayfinding are being designed by Gensler.