Jersey Shore Takes Number One Again in Weekly Ratings

MTV’s Jersey Shore continues its dominance with another week atop the prime time ratings. An estimated 881,000 viewers watched the August 18th episode from Italy with a 4.4 rating, according to the Nielsen Company.

The New York Jets preseason game on WCBS/Channel 2 finished second for the week (744,000/3.7).

America’s Got Talent held down the third slot on WNBC (563,000/2.8). It tied with True Blood on HBO (558,000/2.8) and an August 18th New York Yankees game on WWOR/Channel 9 (557,000/2.8).

Talent also had a tenth-place finish for the week (484,000/2.4). 

The Yankees grabbed sixth and seventh place (tie) for games on WWOR and the YES Network, averaging 518,000 viewers and a 2.6 rating.

More from the Top 10 after the jump

  • *Seventh       Real Housewives of  New Jersey       Bravo    (504,000/2.5)
  • *Seventh                  Basketball Wives                             VH1      (502,000/2.5)
  • *Tenth                      Modern Family                              WABC     (488,000/2.4)
  • *Tenth              Yankee Baseball (Aug. 19th)              YES       (485,000/2.4)
  • *Tenth                    Big Bang Theory                              WCBS     (478,000/2.4)


Photo courtesy of MTV