East Village Residents Continue to Rally Around Beloved Newsstand Operator

JerryDelaskyNew York resident Kelly King is arguably the biggest champion of Jerry Delakas, a 64-year-old whose Astor Place newsstand was shut down by the city of New York in December. Per a great summary of this saga by Kathleen Kiley on The Huffington Post, she has been posting “Save Jerry” signs around the East Village and passing out information daily to passers-by. She and other supporters of Delakas hope that new mayor Bill de Blasio will be able to help rescind what they feel is an egregious court decision:

Other residents, including Judy Rosenblatt, say losing Jerry and the Astor Place newsstand would be a blow to the community. “Jerry is a treasure to this neighborhood,” says Rosenblatt. “One day, I realized I had no money when I went to pay for my paper and I had to dash to an audition in Brooklyn. Jerry gave me 20 dollars so I could make it, otherwise I would have missed it.”

There’s lots of good background info about the legal battle that led to the December closure of the Astor Place newsstand on the website for Nicole Cimino‘s 2012 short documentary The Paper House Report. The film is online at Vimeo and remains the best primer for those not already familiar with the Astor Place newsstand tale.

Delakas cares for a sick brother and, since the closure of a newsstand he has operated since 1987, has been receiving donations from some of his staunchest fans. We hope this Greek immigrant gets his newsstand back soon.

[Screen grab: The Paper House Report]