Jennifer Rubin vs. Jon Ward

Jon Ward has barely gotten his feet wet in Arianna Huffington’s glorious, $315 million swimming pool, HuffPost, where he went after leaving the Daily (where he moved to from The Daily Caller). But he’s already under fire from WaPo‘s conservative blogger, Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin responds to a weekend story by Ward, who wrote about the “argument” of many social conservatives: that fiscal and social conservatism are linked because economic problems stem from moral issues. This argument is “something of a change from the past,” he says, when social conservatives believed America’s success or failure depended on following God.

But Rubin says the connection between fiscal and social conservatism isn’t an “argument,” it’s fact. She bashes Ward in the process, saying he’s “unfortunately already put aside his considerable reporting skills in favor of serving up…standard liberal canards.” She says “Ward’s spin…simply isn’t true” and that it’s “too bad” that history, polling and commentary “must be shoved aside so that the liberal media doesn’t burden their readers with, you know, facts.”

Tough words for someone whose recent employers have included Rupert Murdoch, Tucker Carlson, and TWT. When Ward was named one of The Hill’s 50 most beautiful people last summer, he would only say he was a “Registered Democrat” (with quotes) while most others listed simply said Democrat or Republican.

UPDATE: Ward responded to the piece on Twitter: “surprised @jrubinblogger is critiquing my work based on ad hominem motive judgement & ignoring facts…comparing Reagan to Vander Plaats (quoted in my story) is like comparing Barbour or Pawlenty to Jerry Falwell…but more disappointing is baseless suggestion that change of venue means I’ve abandoned journalistic integrity #fail