Jeff Morley Named Washington Editor of Salon

Jefferson Morley is back.  After a two-year, book-writing sabbatical, Morley will reenter the DC media scene next week as Washington Editor  for Salon. The veteran author and journalist explained to FishbowlDC that his new position is part of Salon founder David Talbot”s commitment to reemphasize political coverage of the Great Recession, the 2012 race, and the sorry state of American public life, with the mission of calling out the responsible and calling attention to those who are doing good.

“Salon is a great brand, not only because it was an online pioneer, but because its always had good writers, aggressive reporting, and smart analysis,” Morley told us. “I’m hoping to contribute to that tradition. Only a journalist would say it but good colleagues plus bad times equals lots of fun.”

Morley brings to the job a wealth of experience from his nearly 30 years in D.C. media.  From 2007 to 2009, he served as editorial director of the nonprofit Center for Independent Media, where he oversaw a national network of state news sites, including the Washington Independent.  Before CIM, Morley worked at with Dan Froomkin and Jim Brady editing the Post’s foreign coverage online and writing the World Opinion Roundup column.  He also spent time working in the Sunday Outlook section after beginning his journalism career at Harper’s and the New Republic.

Morley starts his new gig on Monday.  His book “Snow-Storm in August: Race and Unrest in Washington City, 1835,” the true story of the first race riot in the nation’s capital, is due out in July of 2012. Congrats to Jeff!