Jeff Dufour: The FishbowlDC Interview

Say hello to the Washington Examiner’s Yeas & Nays columnist Jeff Dufour. His old partner at the column and our FBDC predecessor Patrick Gavin never asked him to do the interview so we hit him up as soon as we took over!

What does your morning reading list include? All the gossip columns and blogs, Mike Allen’s Playbook, Slate, Drudge, Real Clear Politics, Hotline Wake-Up Call…

What single person has played the biggest role or has had the biggest influence on your career? Hugo Gurdon and Al Eisele at The Hill taught me more about journalism and feature writing than I could ever relate.

How many suits do you own? About 7

What is the name of your cell phone ring? My BlackBerry says it’s called “Ringer_BBpro_4.” I call it “annoying”

How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you answer? 400 or so, 50 or so

Where do you power-lunch? On a good day, Equinox. On a bad day, Subway.

What’s your favorite or go-to drink? Napa cab

Who is your favorite active journalist? That’s tough. Off the top of my head, I like Lynn Sweet a lot. She’s tenacious, prolific and has a great eye for color.

What section of the Sunday Washington Post do you read first? The what?

If you ran a doctor’s office or a bank, what cable station would you have on in your waiting room or lobby? The Versus Network. I want to see World Extreme Cagefighting everywhere I go.

What kind of dog should the Obamas get and what should they name their new pet? “Daschle”

Who would you most enjoy seeing parodied on SNL? Patrick Gavin

Leno or Letterman? Stewart or Colbert? Leno, Colbert

Taking a cue from Chris Matthews here, tell us something we don’t know… I’m addicted to Lucky Charms. A bowl a day keeps the doctor away.