Jason Ukman To Oversee Asia, Americas on Foreign At W. Post

From the Washington Post’s internal announcement:

    We’re pleased to announce that Jason Ukman has become an assistant foreign editor, overseeing our coverage of Asia and the Americas. As many of you know, he’s been serving in this chair for months, on a temporary basis, and we’re excited to give him the promotion officially.

    Jason came to The Post in 2001 as an intern on Foreign, where he was a talented line editor and a headline poet. He held assignments on our copy desk, and as our slot and night editor. He spent a summer reporting for Metro in Loudoun County in 2004.

    Jason is a native of Columbia, Md., and a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in journalism.

    Jason’s path to becoming an assignment editor on the Foreign Desk — from the rim to the assignment side — is one of many ways we hope to recruit new editors. Recently Cameron Barr, who served abroad for the Christian Science Monitor before coming to The Post as a Metro reporter, became our Middle East editor. Often, correspondents who return from abroad also serve for a while on the desk. We encourage anyone who may have an inclination to work on Foreign to contact us. Our desk is relatively small, and these transitions often take some time, but we are eager to hear from those who may have editing and reporting ambitions.