Jarvis to E&P: Die, already!

Buzzmachine to E&P: Drop dead!

Jeff Jarvis on Editor & Publisher:
Editor & Publisher has long been a laughingstock of the industry it purports to cover—doubly embarrassing because it’s not good and reporting on reporting. Today gives us a classic example: They write up Boxer’s unjournalism as if it were news, as in: Wow, look, The Times is quoting blogs. First, that’s about a year late to the party. Second, the reporter could have looked up a few blogs to find out what a piece of crap the Boxer story was. But that’s nothing new for E&P, which should just fold. It has been replaced by Romenesko anyway.
[Apologies to Buzzmachine for running the whole post, but it was too short to excerpt.] E&P puts me to sleep, but in their defense, how many interesting stories can you write about the newspaper industry for a daily? You might as well be writing Buttons Quarterly or Ball Bearings Review. If mediabistro were just newspaperbistro, we probably wouldn’t be here.
Trade In [buzzmachine]