Jared Paul Stern: The FishbowlNY Interview

jared_paul_stern_scandal.jpgToday we became the latest bleeping media outlet to interview Jared Paul Stern about the Page Six scandal.

FBNY: So what’s the deal with this Gawker guest-blogging thing? Will this be a regular gig? And what are you going to blog about — the scandal itself?
JPS: They asked me, and I said yes. Just a one-off far as I know. Not sure what I’ll do but of course will cover Burklegate.

FBNY: Are you still employed by the Post and Page Six? Or have you been terminated?
JPS: I have not heard from them at all.

FBNY: Up until your meeting (and perhaps until the story came out) what was your relationship with Ron Burkle? What did you think of him? Was he a good guy in your mind?
JPS: Until he first got me to meet with him last summer, I just thought he was a rich, paranoid creep who got club kids to provide him with slutty model types to have his evil way with. Guess what they say about first impressions is true.

FBNY: And your relationship with (Page Six editor) Richard Johnson?
JPS: I’ve always had a great relationship with Richard. He’s a great guy, and an amazing journalist and editor. He’s the Gary Cooper of gossip. He will always be king.

FBNY: Also, to frame this correctly, how many interviews have you done since this scandal story broke?
JPS: I’ve spoken to a bunch of reporters on the phone to varying degrees, but I’ve only allowed three outlets to interview me in person: AP, the New York Observer and the L.A. Times.

FBNY: What do think about the coverage so far? Are even you surprised how much there has been?
JPS: At first of course the coverage was extremely biased, and I think irresponsible and in some cases libelous. Reporters are only starting to get to the bottom of things now. The sheer volume of it has been mind-blowing.

FBNY: Why won’t Page Six cover this? I mean, it’s “their” story, right?

JPS: You’d have to ask them.

FBNY: Is your lawyer concerned that you’ve been talking too much about this in the press?
JPS: No. I haven’t done TV yet.

FBNY: What are you doing next? Writing a book? Blogging? Have you received offers from movies/film/other outlets?
JPS: A lot of offers have come in, but it’s too early to discuss details.

FBNY: What’s been the local Catskills media/townsfolk reaction? Are you able to eat dinner up there?
JPS: There’s not much of a nightlife scene, we pretty much hang out at home. I think one of the local papers is doing a story.

FBNY: What haven’t you been asked that you’d like to ask yourself and, of course, then answer?
JPS: I’ve been asked every question under the sun.

FBNY: FreeJaredPaulStern — are you directly involved with that site?
JPS: No, and I don’t know who is, but I appreciate it.

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