A Dynamic Hollywood Media Duo

Janice Min arrived at The Hollywood Reporter in 2010; Lynne Segall returned in 2011.

PhiladelphiaDailyNews_9_21What a difference a week makes.

On Wednesday Sept. 15, at Min’s 2016 Awards for Sales and Marketing Excellence, held at The Yale Club in New York, the Hall of Fame inductees included Lynne Segall, executive vice president and group publisher of The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. Janice Min flew in from Los Angeles for the breakfast event and a separate engagement at the 92nd Street Y, and this week, the host publication has shared a Q&A conducted with the pair by Michele Shapiro.

There’s no doubt that if the same breakfast had been held this Wednesday morning, Min’s reply to the following query would be different:

It’s clear from the way they finish the other’s sentences and laugh at each other’s jokes that Min and Segall genuinely enjoy one another’s company. When asked what famous couple best illustrates their relationship, Min is quick to respond. “Brad and Angelina—the most dazzling and multi-talented pairing in Hollywood,” she says, before breaking into laughter along with Segall.

Moving forward, it might be wise for Min to switch to a fictional pairing, like Batman and Robin, that is most impervious to the vagaries of human emotion. More seriously, Min in the Q&A paid Segall a high compliment when asked how she feels the pair’s personalities complement each other:

“The thing I value in Lynne as a publisher is she’ll absorb the brunt of people who complain to her about certain stories we do. She doesn’t care. She says, “Gotta talk to Janice.” That’s a radical shift for anyone who’s worked at a trade. Because of her love of content, she has a healthy respect for editorial boundaries.”

Min also clarified to Min that she oversees the editorial meetings at THR only, not Billboard. “Doing 100% at both would be impossible,” she said.

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