Jane’s Addiction Private Concert Film Debuts on YouTube

We have to hand it to LG. The promotion campaign for the new LG Thrill 4G phone (coming August 21) is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in some time.

On July 25, the company gathered a select group of fans for a private concert performance by LA’s Jane’s Addiction in New York and asked audience members to film what they saw with the new phones, which promise a “glasses-free 3D mobile experience.” Today, on YouTube, LG is officially premiering end result Jane’s Addiction Comes Alive, a 65-minute film being billed as the first user-generated 3D concert documentary.

It doesn’t stop there. On August 10, in partnership with social gaming outfit Gameloft, LG will hold a 3D gaming tournament in San Francisco. Teams of LG phone-weilding competitors will battle for the ultimate honor of “N.O.V.A. Intergalactic Gaming Champion.”

And to think that when Jane’s Addiction was first formed in 1985, pagers and non-malfunctioning fax machines were the go-to hip gadgets. The only opportunity missed here was a 3D music festival called LG-palooza.