Jane Yong Kim Is Named Culture Editor for TheAtlantic.com

She's coming over from The Village Voice.

Starting Nov. 21, Jane Yong Kim will be the new culture editor for TheAtlantic.com, allowing current editor Sophie Gilbert to return to full-time writing as a staff writer for the Culture section. Gilbert had been culture editor since Jan. 2015.

Kim is joining from The Village Voice, where she has also been serving as culture editor. Prior to joining the Voice in March, she worked at Racked as an essays editor and at Al Jazeera America as an opinion editor.

“With Sophie Gilbert moving out of the role Jane’s coming into, I’m very happy to say, our loss is our gain,” wrote TheAtlantic.com editor J.J. Gould in a note to staff. “Sophie is becoming a staff writer for the culture section—a state of affairs I’ve wished for (initially by dreaming of talent-cloning technology, so she could remain the editor too), at least since reading ‘John Wick: An Idiot Killed His Puppy and Now Everyone Must Die.'(Please see further illustrations of the point here or here or here, and generally here.)”

“Jane is an amazing editor, and Sophie is a phenomenal writer,” he added. “They’re both much better at choosing modifiers than I ever will be. We’re all enormously lucky to have them.”