Jane Bares All

Klum.JPGA lovely, pregnant (and clothed) Heidi Klum hosted a party in Beverly Hills last night for Jane magazine’s August “naked issue,” which benefits the children’s charity Clothes Off Our Back. We were there to stare at Klum in slack-jawed reverence and marvel at how purdy Lydia Hearst is.LHearst.jpg

Jane Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley explained the humanitarian goals behind the naked issue, which features Klum, Denise Richards and other celebs — you guessed it, in the nude.

“Our reader, that’s what she wants,” Holley told us. “She likes celebrities, but she wants to know she’s supporting a good cause.”

Holley.jpgHolley also explained the purpose of the magazine: “It’s not for teens,” she corrected one TV reporter. “It’s for women in their 20s. They’re just starting their first jobs . . . We’re here to tell them, it’s all going to be OK by the time they’re 30.”

And when those encouraging words dissolve into tears of disappointment funneled through faint crows feet like facial irrigation channels? We guess that’s what Redbook’s for.