James Murdoch Canadian Compound Has Nothing to Do With Fears of a ‘Trumpocalypse’

Globe and Mail corrects recent media reports

Bracketed in parenthesis as a throwaway detail in Matthew Garrahan’s fantastic recent look at the evolving fortunes of Rupert Murdoch and sons was the claim by an unnamed colleague that James was developing an “end-of-times house” in a remote part of Canada. That detail was seized upon a few days later by Ariel Zilber, a New York-based reporter for The Daily Mail, complete with one of the paper’s patented run-on headlines.

This weekend, Globe and Mail contributor Kelly Gold has the scoop on the exact location of the property (central British Columbia) as well as an important clarification. The $1.3 million 2013 purchase is a purely recreational investment:

The 450-acre property is listed under the name of a numbered company with James’s wife, Kathryn Murdoch, listed as its director, and a New York address. …

The source shot down a British media report that suggested the Murdochs were looking to build an “end of times” self-sufficient compound in British Columbia to escape the “Trumpocalypse.” He said the Murdoch purchase was simply motivated by a love of the province.

Garrahan never used the term Trumpocalypse. That was loosely roped in by The Daily Mail, for one of five (!) sub-headlines, in reference to a fondness among some other ultra-rich individuals for property investments in New Zealand.