James Franco Gets Thrust Into a Very Awkward Sundance Analogy

Apparently, there is going to be a lot of sex on-screen as well as off this year at Sundance. At least that’s the Day One decoupage offered by Movie City News head honcho David Poland.

In setting the salacious scene, Poland pays a certain male A-lister the ultimate backhanded compliment (the bolding is ours):

We’ve already seen Gaby Hoffman running around buck naked – and not highly sexualized – in the title role of Crystal Fairy. But just wait til they get a load of dick. James Franco is the finger in the ass of Sundance this year, with two strong pieces.

One is, in theory, about recreating the missing footage from William Friedkin’s Cruising. But it’s not. It’s much more about the idea of how much sex of a presumably different persuasion a straight guy can take. And then, kink, which Franco produced, is about a fetish site that produces a lot of content of all flavors.

We’re trying to decide whether the PR folks for Interior. Leather Bar. will be including that Poland passage in the Park City clippings, and if so, what Franco’s reaction might be. Either way, the quote is almost certainly not going to wind up on either theatrical poster. Even though, arguably, it should.