James Dyson Pulls the Plug on His Design School


We’ve been expecting this announcement for a while now, but sort of couldn’t believe when it all came down. You remember all of the trouble guru James Dyson was going through in trying to get his design and engineering school built in the UK? Well, he’s finally said “enough is enough” and has pulled the plug on the whole $50 million dollar endeavor, saying he hates to do it, but that’s the way it goes. Here’s a bit:

“I’m sad and very disappointed that it has had to end this way,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Engineering is vitally important to this country but it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

“Britain will be the loser but I’m particularly disappointed for the hundreds of youngsters who would have been able to enjoy an introduction to an engineering career.

“I’ve no option but to pull the plug. I appealed to the Prime Minister for help in the summer but all I’ve had is an acknowledgment. We’re being left behind by all our competitors.”

Last we heard, Dyson was considering moving the whole thing to the US. Or was that just a threat to the local officials? If it’s still up in the air, James, you should consider Chicago. We’re totally cool with whatever and we’ve got really good food and stuff around here, promise.