Jack Shafer’s Friend Ranking, Version 1.0

Based on the disclosures contained in these two columns by Slate’s Jack Shafer, we provide you with our best interpretation of how Shafer ranks his friends.


#1. David Corn (“a very good friend of mine”)


#2. Mark Feldstein (“a friend–not as good a friend as David Corn, but a lot better than Michael Isikoff.”)


#3. Thomas Ricks (“I’m friendly with Thomas Ricks.”)


#4. Michael Isikoff (“a friend, but not so good. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve socialized with him, I’d say he’s not a friend anymore but merely somebody I know.”)


#5. Rajiv Chandrasekaran (“I interviewed Rajiv Chandrasekaran once.”)


#6. Bob Woodward (“I had a sandwich with Bob Woodward 13 years ago and still maintain he didn’t get a goddamn thing out of me no matter what you read in his books.”)

(Are we missing previous Shafer friend disclosures? Send ’em our way…)