Ivana Wanna Swim in Beirut

When we were watching and listening and reading about all this trouble between Israel and Lebanon, we know we were just like you in thinking, “Oh man, what is this going to do to Ivana Trump?” Because, as you should be aware, Ivana has signed on to “help design” a $150 million dollar residential building right smack dab in the middle of Beirut. Using United Arab Emirates money, and aparently capitalizing on what a gigantic celebrity Ivana is, not to mention her keen sense of design, this was probably the most exciting architectural development since…nope, since nothing, it’s the most exciting thing. And how important will her involvement be? Well, judging from this story over at Bloomberg, wherein her name is mentioned in both the headline and a very tiny sentence thereafter, we’re imagining that she’ll be laying out the blueprints herself. If, sure, the thing ever gets off the ground from here.