It’s the Old Self-Taught Bathroom Wall Artist Versus Formally-Trained Bathroom Wall Artist Debate


In our post yesterday about Michael Kimmelman’s piece, we said that because the controversial Danish editorial cartoons were engineered by a visual communicator, they were more incendiary than photos from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Angela Voulangas–who is a graphic designer and not Muslim, she notes–wrote us with her view:

“The conclusion you reach here is completely missing the issue. And (tho I have not yet read the Kimmelman piece) I’m astounded that someone can even ask why the cartoons are causing more protest–

“Abu Ghraib is picturing an affront or assault on specific persons (tho we know that they were degraded religiously, etc. too). These cartoons are a blatant ‘assault’ on the Muslim religious figurehead (prophet?, Big Guy?). There-by an affront to all Muslims. Big Difference. And it has nothing to do with the the exalted status of ‘visual communicators.’

“These cartoons sound like (I have not seen so I can’t *really judge, but I will anyway) they are as effective as the skillful work done by ‘visual communicators’ on bathroom walls.”