It’s the Least WaPo Could Do

This afternoon WaPo has a case of the hiccups. Their feature “The Most,” which compiles the most well read stories of the day, is in disarray. Who knows why, they don’t say. But they’re trying to work out the kinks so they’ll be back on track Monday.

But they do have this friendly apology note…

Dear Readers of The Most,

As you may have noticed, we experienced a hiccup in your edition of The Most today (also affecting the “Post Most” box on the Web site). Before we could catch it, The Most mailed out without the valuable content you so enjoy.

We’re working to find and fix the bug so when The Most returns to your inbox on Monday, it’ll give you the most read and watched articles, photos, videos and live discussions as always.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for your patience.


Your friends at The Washington Post

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