It’s Oprah’s Turn: Andrew and Cheri Young

This afternoon is a gift all wrapped up with a pretty red bow.

Andrew Young is former aide to former Sen. John Edwards with a new tell-all book, The Politician. Cheri, Andrew’s wife, always has a way of getting deep about happiness. Though they’ve already made the rounds (The View, GMA, etc..) Andrew and Cheri now face the queen of daytime talk: Oprah.

If previews are any indication, Oprah lays into Andrew as only Oprah can: “This is what I fully haven’t heard you come clean about …” and “If you are going to accept responsibility to be the baby daddy, as his friend you need to say, why don’t you stop this?”

Lest we forget, the couple let a pregnant Edwards mistress, Rielle Hunter, live in their home with their small children to make believe daddy was the father of Rielle’s baby.

Great idea, right?

Stay tuned…