It’s Moving Day at The Washington Post

Goodbye, 1150.

Washington Post employees say goodbye to their old headquarters today, with roughly 1,400 of them leaving the Post’s longtime home at 1150 15th Street NW, soon to head to their shiny, retrofitted new home at 1301 K St. NW, or One Franklin Square.

Deputy managing editor Tracy Grant, who is responsible for the move, described to WaPo’s Harrison Smith the logistics that have gone into pulling this off:

“I don’t think I quite understood the level of detail involved in a move like this,” she says, pulling out a map of the seventh floor of the Post’s new office at One Franklin Square in downtown Washington.

“I’ve colored 17 different versions of this floor plan, trying to arrange everything just right.” Shades of blue, red and green indicate which sections of the paper sit where — National along the north wall, Metro to the east.

Meanwhile, back at the old HQ, employees celebrated with a graffiti party:

If you’re worried employees are messing things up for the new tenants, don’t worry: there won’t be any. The building will be razed, probably in 2016.


One of the highlights of the move has come from vp of human resources Wayne Connell, who has been delighting staffers with moving notes like the one below: