It Was Really Hard to Write This Post Without Mentioning, You Know, The Trees and Happiness

Now off the ranting and back to having a bit of fun on a Friday. Probably the vast majority of our readers, being the informed, attractive, well-tailored people they are, have likely heard about the best thing coming in the world of home entertainment: The Bob Ross Video Game. It’s for that little handheld Nintendo thing (the last time this writer player a video game, he threw down the controller, saying, “This is way too complicated,” thus solidifying his transformation into his own father), and we’re guessing will be more about painting than blowing up aliens. Now the company behind the game, the aptly named Bob Ross Interactive LLC, is holding a contest to paint landscapes in the same style as the forever brilliant, dearly departed, Mr. Ross. But no, not within the game, but rather, just with your own brushes and canvas. They’re opening up the contest on July 4th it looks like and the winners get their work both embedded in the game and on the box cover. Sure, everyone rallies against free competitions that benefit products, but we’re really willing to make an exception here. C’mon. It’s Bob Ross.