istockphoto Goes the Way of the Dodo

It seems like any industry has those moments of wondering who owns who (whom?). There is no difference in this world of making things pretty, which leads us to istockphoto, one of the semi-bigger indepedent stock houses, which has just this week been snatched up by the “we have photos of everything, even you and everyone you’ve ever met” powerhouse, Getty Images. We never really had much run-in with istockphoto, because we usually did head right toward the three ton gorillas, but we were familiar with their ads and the name. Whatever the case, sounds like it’ll be a pretty good deal for both parties. Or at least that’s how istockphoto’s top brass tells it:

Recently, in a rainy, sleepy suburb in Seattle, I met someone that shared my passion for iStockphoto and my drive to see it succeed. Over a greasy breakfast, he talked excitedly about how our community has created a new market, a culture of participation serving a vast audience. Our talk developed into a wide-ranging collaborative discussion about industry trends, size, consolidation and personal values. We dished a fair amount of gossip, too. After three hours passed in a blink, it was clear how naturally and sincerely our relationship was forming. We continued our dialogue as I detailed our community philosophy for site and feature enrichment, development of artist portfolios, international expansion, localized content and continuous improvement of our technology and methods. “This community is the most important development in the picture business this decade”, he declared. Yes, Jonathan Klein understood us. He “gets it.”

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