Isobella On ‘Death Of Print’: ‘People Like The Feeling Of Something In Their Hand’


After publishing our purposely open-ended ‘Is Print Dead? Discuss’ article, we’ve fielded some thought-provoking feedback. One of the first to answer the call was our summer discovery Isobellathe 5’2″ model-cum-memoirist who wrote her book in heels in the SoHo Apple Store.

Her unsolicited, unedited take:

Just like the dollar bill. People like the feeling of something in their hand. It means business. It means”serous.” There is a great ensation to feel cold cash in the hand and I don’t think the world will be woven into making credit cards our only money source one day.

I also still like to get a letter in the mail now and then. It warms my heart as I open the envelope that someone “cared” enough to write a proper damn letter with a stamp!

People like to shop on line, read news, and go to their flashy myspace page but reading a magazine, feeling the glossy paper as your fingers weave through the pages and your eyes gaze and dream over the font. I think E-magazines are very sassy and functionable. Take my friends website It is so cute, and genuis, and for a starter CEO it is a good place to start. especially considering web hosting costs are very cheap these days. Would I rather read Sniff Magazine in print, in my hand. Yes! But that is mostly because I don’t have a dog that can sniff, crap and rip it to peices. I hope the internet geeks do not take over the world. Give it a chance to breathe. Although without the internet I wouldn’t have been able to write my own memoir at the Apple Store on Prince Street.

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