Is the Bicycle Desk Coming to an Office Near You?

bikeWe’ve previously written about the treadmill desk so this Fast Company piece about bicycles in schools got us thinking.

It actually makes sense.At Ward Elementary in North Carolina, classrooms are getting equipped with exercise bikes so it’s just what you think it is — students work out while they read. It’s proven to be beneficial so we wonder if a bicycle desk would work in corporate life as well.

Students read as they ride to not only burn calories but learn as well. In fact, the school discovered positive benefits at the end of the school year. After analyzing testing data, they realized students who spend the most time in their reading and riding program earned 83 percent proficiency in reading. How about kids who spent less time in the program? They had 41 percent proficiency.

We can only imagine how this can impact an adult’s day as well. Sure, it’s not exactly conducive to typing on a laptop but how about checking your smart phone for a 20-minute break rather than grabbing a sugar-filled snack from the snack machine down the hallway? Or how about reading a white paper on a stationary bike to make the time go by faster?

Hmmm…just some food for thought.