Is ‘Social Media Editor’ Doomed To Be A Transitional Job?


Liz Heron, one of the social media editors for the New York Times, thinks so.

At a panel at the Journalism Interactive conference Friday, she said she was fairly sure her own job would not exist in five years. Nieman Lab got her on record saying it.

That’s not because social media will fade, though. It’s because these tools are so quickly becoming ingrained in our lives that in a few years (as Heron’s co-panelist Jim Long put it), having a social media editor will make as much sense as having a telephone consultant.

Instead, social media will become a team effort, and it won’t make sense to have just one person in charge.

Heron thinks this shift will happen in five years. We’d give it a few more, but wouldn’t bet money on it. What do you think?