Is Michael Jackson Making Trouble for Perez Hilton?

How Perez Hilton managed to get himself nestled in with Michael Jackson news is dumbfounding. Anyway, the toady gossip after a week of sobbing about being punched in the face for talking smack to and his manager. That “smack,” of course, getting him denounced by GLAAD. Hilton then announced all the money from his upcoming lawsuit against and his manager would go to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Cough. In a statement Judy Shepard said they are “unable to accept any funds obtained in such a manner.” Good.

Anyway, yesterday Hilton posted Jackson’s reported heart attack was an attempt to get out of his upcoming tour. The full post is here. Jackson fans and general Hilton haters/don’t carers started a Twitter hash tag #unfollowperez. When the trend started, Hilton had 1.8 million followers on Twitter. As of this morning, it’s down 800,000.

The irony here is – we’ve never cared nor covered Perez Hilton but now because of this story we’re forced to – so if all else fails, at least two humble grumpy bloggers are watching. Grumble.

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