Is Matt Labash Leaving The Weekly Standard?

…well, not exactly. But, given his crazy-good fishing skills (as documented in this Angus Phillips press release for Labash letter of recommendation for Labash column), Labash (a one-time Hottie) could easily write for any outdoor magazine.

  • “…Labash, bless him, not only writes well, but he’s a fishing nut of the first order.”

  • “I don’t know what to say to this guy, except that if he ever tires of writing polemics for the bow-tie set he can surely find work at Field & Stream.”

  • “Labash knows his crabcakes, and he’s right about the ones at Stoney’s in Broome’s Island. They’re the finest kind. Maybe we could even get two dinners out of it. I’ll buy the drinks. After all, he wrote half a column for me — and in August, no less!”

    We haven’t seen this kind of love exhibited with rod in hand since “A River Runs Through It.”