Is Howie Kurtz Tone Deaf?

When everyone was recently collectively ragging on Fox News media correspondent Howard Kurtz, I really wanted to come to his rescue. I detest pile-on journalism. I thought, if not me, who? If not then, when is a better time to defend Howie than when the whole world appears to be relentlessly conspiring against him?

But Wednesday he wrote an incredibly tone deaf Media Buzz column, complete with hypocrisy, self-promotion and praise for his own network.

Just gross already, Howie.

In the column he praises colleague Megyn Kelly on her skyrocketing ratings. Maybe best to leave internal handling of praise to outside pubs? The numbers on her show speak for themselves, so no need for Kurtz to be her cheerleader. He called the blurb, “Megyn’s Miracle.” Sigh. Later he promotes an interview he had with another colleague, Bill O’Reilly  on the media’s coverage of religion. Could promotional efforts not be left to Fox News PR?

Let’s move on to the headline that glaringly makes me recall when Kurtz made his own gargantuan error and didn’t come clean for a month and a half. Was he ever going to? Only he knows, but considering some six weeks had passed after he’d been informed that he wasn’t actually speaking to a lawmaker — yes, he thought Kurt Bardella, the lawmaker’s self-promotion-crazed, talented, friendly, helpful aide was Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

“Is the New York Times hiding its online mistakes?” Kurtz’ headline pointedly asks.

The story is about what he says is the increasingly pervasive habit of online publications making changes to stories without offering corrections. Um, Howie? Didn’t you, like, wait six weeks before coming clean about your own error? How about a full disclosure: [Of course, I too have tried to hide my mistakes.]

Short, sweet and just 10 words.