Is Facebook Timeline Your Resume?

Mashable brings up an interesting (and somewhat horrifying) thought: perhaps Facebook Timeline is the new resume.

Yeah. Not that LinkedIn is going anywhere, but employers have been checking Facebook profiles to get the skinny on candidates for years. Timeline does two things: it makes it easier for those old posts of yours to surface, and since it makes it easier to make a really nice-looking profile page, those who don’t may be penalized.

Here’s what Mashable contributor Gerrit Hall says: “Until now, the Facebook profile has provided a current slice of a user’s life. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details or look a week, month, or year into the past, it takes some searching and clicking. With Timeline, employers can learn more about users by searching specific time frames and seeing how the details mesh together.

“Ultimately, Facebook is going to become the go-to site for more curious employers and clients. Personalized and manicured Timelines are simply going to be more attractive.”

Smart tips: double-check your privacy settings, make sure that embarrassing stuff from way back in 2005 is truly hidden, not just hard to find, and highlight your best stuff.

Courtesy of AG Beat, here are some cool Facebook timelines that put a jobseeker’s best professional face forward.