Is David Serero Lying About the Eiffel Tower Accident/Hoax?


Following our post on Friday morning, linking to an interview with David Serero, the architect (pun intended) behind the Eiffel Tower redesign mixup, Braulio Agnese of the magazine Architect, dropped us a line, letting us know that Serero wasn’t being very honest when he was saying how the whole thing was never intended as a hoax or a PR stunt. Below the interview we linked on Friday, Agnese posted in the comments section (2nd one in) several of the questions and Serero’s subsequent answers conducted by his magazine when the Eiffel story was still on-going, when most everyone believed that this was the truth. This, of course, also semi-negates what Serero says in the closing section of this most recent interview, about the mainstream media being the ones to blame, making things up for the benefit of a good story, if he was busy feeding everyone the lines all along (we say “semi-negates” because the media outlets probably also should have gotten quotes right away from Eiffel Tower reps). Here’s a bit from Architect:

In an interview for our article, principal David Serero stated that his firm’s project was “selected with the condition to verify its technical feasibility. Within the next two months, we will be able to get a definite answer.” Serero further said, “We are expected to install it in the spring 2009 for a period of one year.”

Granted, we can’t verify that this exchange really happened, but it does kinda make a lot of sense that there was a concerted, knowledgeable effort to get this story out there and circulated, instead of just happening all by accident, as Serero claims. Curious.