How to Become an Irresistible Employee That Everyone Adores

Want to be that guy or gal who everyone loves to be around at the office? Soft skills are invaluable in the workplace so there are a few ways, as pointed out by Forbes, as to how to be an easy going employee.

1. Say yes. After all, it has an open connotation. It’s inviting and as mentioned in the piece, “You never want to be known as the person who says ‘no.’ If you do, the invitations and opportunities will diminish.”

2. Be a helper and a solver.
Become a trouble shooter even if it’s something as minor as how to replace the printer cartridge. This is the opposite of the guy or gal you loathe who retorts under his or her breath, “That’s not my job.”

3. Respond quickly and briefly. Become a stronger communicator with brevity. And if you don’t know the answer or how to respond, simply write back to let the other person know you’re looking into it further.

4. Keep it positive. Even if you’re tempted to complain, save it for conversations outside the office. Talking about a problem may sometimes make it worse if it’s not a solution-centered thought.

5. Be Ethical. It goes a long way.

6. Stay Focused. This is particularly true if you’re juggling multiple deadlines but as mentioned in the piece, “When you know your expertise, you make yourself more predictable and reliable. Master one thing and aim to deliver it – every time.”

7. Express appreciation. Be grateful and acknowledge your colleagues for their recognitions. It could go far and just think, like smiling in the office, it’s free! All that’s required is conscious effort. You’ll be seen as a leader for appreciating skills of your peers and that special person everyone wants to collaborate with. After all, who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with positivity and recognition?