Irony Alert: Kurt Bardella Won’t Talk About Other Reporters

The Daily Caller‘s new spokesman Kurt Bardella is a busy man these days. First he gets fired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) after sneaking emails from reporters presumed to be from Politico to NYT scribe Mark Leibovich. Then he decides to keep a low profile for awhile and grants an interview to his hometown paper the  San Diego Union Tribune. He also somehow, ironically, gets his op-eds published in Politico, the newspaper that prompted his firing.

Just yesterday the publicist published his first op-ed for The Daily Caller. Observers noted the rarity of newspaper publicists also writing op-eds for their own publications. Bardella told FishbowlDC that this would be sporadic event.  “Obviously, my first priority and focus is on promoting The Daily Caller so I imagine it’ll be something I’ll try and do when time permits,” he told us yesterday.

Obviously. Except now we learn that he has granted an interview for another story about himself. This time to Luke Mullins of Washingtonian. The profile is slated for summer. Bardella insisted the theme was mostly “biographical” in nature. When we pushed on whether the story would touch on his dealings with Politico and bcc-ing those emails to Leibovich, Bardella said sharply, “I’m not going to discuss my interactions with another reporter right now.” He said if readers were expecting a juicy tell-all that this will not be that.

We’ve heard the upcoming story will touch on the self-promotional culture of Washington D.C. while telling the story of how Bardella came to Washington and fell into a situation that burned him. The story will hit on Bardella switching sides from congressional flack to newspaper flack.

Somehow we think Bardella will be able to help Mullins on these fronts. Mullins had no comment on his story.