Chefs to Duke it Out Over Lunch

Some reporters are being treated to a special  Chilean-themed lunch Thursday. It won’t just be eating. The event also involves two chefs — Iron Chef competitor RJ Cooper and Cordon Bleu Chilean chef Pilar Rodríguez — who will battle it out at Rogue 24.

No crashing. This is an invitation-only media event, in which attendees will taste food prepared with authentic Chilean ingredients, paired with Chilean wine and pisco (for the uninformed, this is yellow-amber colored grape brandy that’s made in Peru and Chili).

The lunch is the launch of Chile’s participation at the Summer Fancy Food Show on June 17th. Reporters who cover the show may get a chance to meet Ambassador of Chile Felipe Bulnes Serrano, and more importantly, sample Chilean food and wine and eat from the food truck that will be stationed outside the Washington Convention Center.

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