iPhone App Generates Random Swiss Design

We’re sure your head hurts too after last night’s pummeling of greasy food, beer, and some occasional bits of football thrown in there for good measure, so we’ll start out gently this morning. An interesting new iPhone app has been released by the Japanese company Wowlab. Called addLib (not to be confused with the popular sound card company, AdLib, of the 1980s), it’s essentially a random design generator. You plug in a photo, it kicks out a poster that looks like it might have been laid out by some famous Swiss designer, all at random, using “the Grid System, a fractal theory, the golden ratio, and the Facial Recognition System.” A fun toy, sure, but we’d be interested to hear what you think it says about design, that quality can come from formula rather than unique, practiced artistry. Or are we just over thinking the whole thing? Here’s the app in action: