Introducing ‘The Rubble Club’ a Support Group for Architects

Unless you, as a working architect, were fortunate enough to have gotten the commission to build, say, the Great Wall or the Egyptian pyramids, there’s always the chance that someone will decide that it’s time your building must come down. Usually most people have the good sense to be dead when this happens, but for those unfortunate few who find themselves in that situation, it must be a truly difficult thing to endure, watching that all that time and energy will soon be a big pile of dust. Enter The Rubble Club, a support group for architects in that position, as well as a preservation society that helps to try and fight back destruction. The BBC files this great report on the group, currently operating mostly in the UK for now, but with plans to expand, talking about The Rubble Club’s efforts and hearing the experiences of these unfortunate architects who have had to try and make sense of seeing their buildings destroyed after relatively short life spans. It’s an interesting piece of reading, but will likely leave you feeling pretty low. Apologies in advance.