Up Your Game, NYC; We’re #2 on ‘Selfiest Cities’ List

It’s not even that close. According to Chris Wilson’s super-fun interactive map at Time, the folks in the Manila suburbs of Makati and Pasig City post 258 selfies per 100,000 users, while we here in Manhattan are mustering 202/100K.


Each yellow dot in the picture above represents a selfie taken over a recent ten-day period. The gang at Time went to quite some trouble to put this all together:

To investigate the geography of selfie-taking, Time built a database of more than 400,000 Instagram photos tagged “selfie” that included geographic coordinates. In total, we ranked 459 cities to determine the selfiest places on earth.

Three tangential thoughts:

1) The NYC area photo above is another diametric opposite of the media trope of a darkened North Korean peninsula at nighttime. We’re guessing that if the DPRK were depicted in such an Instagram fashion, there might only be one or two dots, corresponding to wherever Kim Jong-un has been Smartphone partying recently.

2) Selfish professional athletes can now celebrate a championship win with the exclamation of their intent to head to the selfiest place on earth. E.g. “I’m going to Makati City!!!”

3) This may be one of the rare compilations where the last-place city welcomes and celebrates a last-place ranking. That #100 honor in this case goes to the good folks of Nice, France.

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