Inside Sources Picks Up the NH Journal

A timely purchase.

Just in time for the New Hampshire primaries, startup news and syndication site Inside Sources has purchased the slightly older NH Journal, a New Hampshire-based digital news site with an interesting past.

The NH Journal was founded in 2010 by then-owner Patrick Hynes, along with a group that, like Hynes himself, was comprised of Republican operatives. This led some to question the intentions of its owners.

In April 2014, the publication hired John DiStaso, a well-regarded and respected New Hampshire journalist as its news editor. Shortly after DiStaso’s hire, Hynes stepped down as owner to lead a Super PAC promoting Scott Brown. DiStaso stayed on for a year, departing in April 2015 for a position with WMUR in Manchester, N.H.

Since then, writes Inside Sources publisher Shawn McCoy in a note announcing the purchase, has “largely been dormant.”

“InsideSources will infuse new life and daily coverage to the site,” writes McCoy, who, like the old owners, has spent some time in politics as Iowa communications director for the Mitt Romney campaign.

McCoy outlined plans for the site, which his team has already begun enacting:

InsideSources will begin publishing content on the site immediately, providing content on the upcoming New Hampshire primary, the campaigns, this weekend’s ABC News debate, in addition to coverage of the U.S. Senate race and other 2016 contests. Readers will find news reports on from the InsideSources team both in Washington and on the ground in New Hampshire.