Provides Editors With a New Way of Finding Stories

Here’s an interesting new start-up looking to change the way editors go about finding online content. Instead of hiring an annoying freelancer or using content from the Web, editors can search a database of new stories, looking for one that fits their purpose.
Just launched by a group that created Content That Works, allows editors to search the site for a story and then purchase it for as little as $50, according to the website. It sort of sounds like what photo providers often do online, but they charge a lot more than $50 to take the photo off their hands.
You can also pull videos and graphics from the site as well.
“Every editor has experienced being on deadline with an immediate story need with neither the time nor the budget to make an assignment,” said project director Neil Dixon in a press release. “ is the answer. It delivers immediate access to thousands of stories and graphics — every one objectively reported and intelligently presented to help you attract a large and loyal audience.”
It sort of mirrors what AOL has done with, using it as a site where other AOL entities can pull content from. However, it’s hard to see this catching on, since it’s so easy to pull content for free online. But in a pinch, would any editors out there use the service?