Industry Execs Catch Viewers In Web

RDM.jpgIn the latest issue of Fast Company, some chick named Kate Coe interviews five TV innovators — Reginald Hudlin, Andrew Beecham, Lauren Zalaznick, Ronald D. Moore, and Robert Greenblatt — most of whom have used the Internet to enhance and promote their shows.

Moore, the exec producer of Battlestar Galactica, seemed especially enamored of the Web:

“From the beginning, I wanted a very open policy: Let’s put as much on the Internet as we can–concept art, scripts, outtakes. We took a three-day writers’ retreat to Lake Tahoe to break the second half of the season; we talked about all the stories, and I recorded all that. It will go up online at the appropriate time. Let people see how we make the sausage. But they have to be prepared to realize that we’re making a lot of stuff up on the fly, that we make mistakes. I’d be perfectly happy letting fans digitally download everything in the production office, right up to and including putting dailies on the Internet. Then they could edit their own versions of the show. That’s what I would want if I were a big fan.”

*Photo stolen, with love, from Trekology.