Industrial Designers Society of America Announce Winners of ‘Design of the Decade’

Not solely because we know how to read a calendar, we knew were well-into December because the annual flood of this-was-the-year-that-was lists are starting to appear nearly everywhere and about nearly everything. However, because apparently our knowledge of calendars ends at being able to tell what month it is, we’d almost forgotten that it’s also the end of the decade, so that means double the “best and/or worst of…” lists, et al. One of the higher-profile of these sorts was just released by the Industrial Designers Society of America, who announced their winners for Design of the Decade. There aren’t many surprises therein, as you’ll know to expect and then immediately find things like Target‘s redesigned prescription bottles, Apple winning for “Biggest Contribution to Brand Growth,” and the XO Laptop (another big win for Yves Behar in a year full of them). Though, reluctant as we are to enjoy any sort of time-based recap of any kind, thanks to years of overexposure on an annual basis, it’s interesting to go back and see what the big moves in design have been over the past 10 years (at least according to the IDSA’s curated list). Winners of the Design of the Decade award receive the ability to brag about their win on their packaging and in advertising, trophies are handed out for those who win the gold, and all of the finalists’ products are entered into the permanent collection at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.