Indiana/NC: Live-Blogging (8-9pm)

Question of the hour: Will Fox News call Indiana first? The network has been on a roll lately…(And the cable nets North Carolina call was basically a wash…)

8:00: On CNN…Donna Brazile says the Democratic Party has mashed potatoes (white people) and gravy (African-Americans). Bill Bennett declines to continue with the food analogy.

8:09: CBS calls Indiana for Sen. Clinton.

8:10: Sen. Claire McCaskill: “We like Chuck Todd because he’s the numbers guy.”

8:16: Some perspective, here’s what the rest of the country is watching right now (on NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS):


8:18: Why is CNN in this presser with David Axelrod? Readers: Good move? Bad move? Interested? Or would you rather get back to undressing Carl Bernstein with your eyes?

8:19: Just cuz:

8:22: We have the answer to our early question re: the Wolffe/Capehart Fashion-Off: Capehart’s knot is thicker.


8:28: The Swamp’s live-blogging, as is Marc Ambinder, Hotline, CNN’s Politicker, Ben Smith. Glenn Reynolds is staying near his laptop (and on his recliner), Wonkette is being Wonkette-ish, Jonathan Martin — who covers the GOP — is clearly uninspired tonight and Drudge says, “FLASH: It looks like Hillary’s last, best chance of closing delegate gap is slipping away tonight. With clock running out on her, if she couldn’t make up ground this week, it’s impossible to imagine scenario where she could… MORE…”

8:30: Charlie Gibson is anchoring an updated 8:30 feed of World News. On the primary front, he was joined live by Kate Snow (who’s with the Clinton campaign in Indiana), David Wright (in NC with Obama campaign), and George Stephanopoulos in NY.

8:30: On CNN…

    JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: But the arguments that they have trotted out — changing — whether — obviously this is about delegates. But then — at first they talked about what about popular vote, who is ahead in the popular vote? Well it turns out it’s Obama. Who won more states? It turns out it’s Obama. Now, Hillary Clinton could make the argument in states with more than three vowels in them, she’s ahead. But these arguments don’t mean anything. This is about who gets the most delegates.

8:31: Huh. Networks being very careful to call Indiana, despite CBS having called it over twenty minutes ago, which is an eternity in cable news. TVNewser’s careful ears find out why: FNC is mentioning CBS’s call and Hume says “something that seems a likely call but we’re being careful about it.” CNN says “we’re conservative by nature.”

8:39: Howard Wolfson calls in on’s online broadcast. “The gas tax was the issue that both campaigns joined in the last few weeks. … We were on the side of working people.”

8:42: Shep Smith, chatting with former Edwards campaign communications director Chris Kofinis, jokes about how sad he is that Edwards never appeared on Fox News Channel.

8:46: Heated exchanged between Paul Begala and Donna Brazile on CNN.

8:48: Live shot from XM Radio:


8:48: Chuck Todd explains why he’s not calling it: “There are a lot of African-American precincts that have yet to report. … We’re looking for that Chicago media market … Lake County and Porter County. … Still waiting for a lot of African American vote in Marion County…If he won by the remaining vote by say 75-80 percent, he could make this very close. … More than a plausible outcome that Obama can still win this. If we didn’t think there was, we’d have called it.” Todd then rejects Sen. McCaskill’s endorsement of him. Says Olbermann: “Oh just take the compliment.” Harold Ford: “Big night all around for Sen. Obama.”

8:53: Sam Stein says Rush Limbaugh had an affect in Indiana.

8:53: Brit Hume says tonight may turn out to be “a bigger night for Obama.” Bill Kristol agrees. “Obama could win the night” by as much as a quarter of a million votes.

8:56: If you didn’t already know, watch continuing coverage of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries on MSNBC here.

8:57: Picture time:

CNN May 6 Obama wins NC 1.jpg