Incest Desk

This afternoon’s Incest Desk features a pair we’ve featured before. Apparently this father-daughter duo doesn’t care about the image factor. Things to ponder: Is The Hill going to start paying Howie? And will The Daily Beast start compensating Howiella for any scoops her father may leak to her?

The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz got that exclusive about Elizabeth Smart joining ABC. The Daily Beast wrote on Twitter: “Exclusive: Elizabeth Smart to join ABC News as pundit for missing persons cases. @HowardKurtz on the surprise hire.” Read here.

But guess who also gets an “exclusive”? Kurtz’s daughter. The Hill‘s @JudyKurtz: “ITK Exclusive: Elizabeth Smart defends role as ABC contributor, “feels bad” for critics.” Read here.

UPDATE: The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack wanted to weigh in on this. He wrote FishbowlDC, “This item is false, which we would have explained had we had a chance to comment before it was posted. Earlier this week, two editors at The Hill, including me, were contacted by Hybrid Communications. The firm simply offered us an interview with Elizabeth Smart and we got Judy on the case. Judy has hit the ground running at The Hill and readers in the nation’s capital have taken notice.”

Editor’s note: Agree to disagree. When FBDC makes observations about fishy coincidences, we do not think it’s necessary to get anyone to comment on whether they share our sentiment that it is an unusual coincidence. The fact that two related Kurtz journalists had a scoop on Elizabeth Smart after Howard Kurtz recently pimped his daughter’s story on Rob Lowe’s son after Howie personally profiled Lowe, caught our eye. We wish Judy Kurtz the best in acquiring new readers.