In Defense of Drinking on the Job

“AMERICA has a proud history of drinking on the job.” That’s the opening line to this piece from The Economist. It’s an interesting way to grab my attention. Who doesn’t long for the good old days of chugging a flask of gin before stepping into the office to face your asshole boss? We are told that the scenes in “Mad Men” where we see men in suits guzzling scotch in the middle of the day are closer to reality than most Americans might realize. But, wait! They bring research into the mix! They say, “Another recent paper from the journal Consciousness and Cognition by psychologists at the University of Illinois confirms what many have long suspected: a couple of drinks makes workers more creative.” It’s true. After I’ve swilled a few gin and tonics, I think I’m a creative genius. But, having more ideas doesn’t mean I’m necessarily having better ideas.

It’s hard to imagine that a respected publication makes a serious case for getting drunk at work. Yet, here is The Economist trying to make that case. It’s a bizarre cause to take up, but considering The Economist owns CQ Roll Call, there are some recently fired employees who could probably use a drink AND a job right now. In fact, former Roll Call-er Ryan Beckwith baited current RC-er Amanda Becker on Twitter, saying, “I dare you to bring a six pack to work tomorrow with a copy of that editorial and leave it on the free food counter.”

Amanda, we’re here for moral support.