Imus On Sharpton Show: ‘I Can’t Get Anywhere With You People’

Imus‘ “nappy ‘hos” defense continued this afternoon on the Reverend Al Sharpton‘s radio show. Imus, who appeared live and took calls for roughly two hours, continued to point to the New Mexico ranch he runs for kids with cancer as part of a vague, overarching character defense. Sharpton, NABJ president Bryan Monroe and callers hammered the radio host for what Sharpton called “”racist and diabolical statements” about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. After the show, Sharpton said he was still calling for Imus’ ouster.

Some highlights:

  • Sharpton: “If you don’t think resignation is in line, then what do you think the price is that you should pay?”
    Imus: “I haven’t thought about that.”

  • Sharpton: It “goes beyond a team, I think all women, all black people, all people of good will are insulted by this.”
  • Imus: “I’m not a journalist, I’m not Tim Russert.”
  • Lots of “Yes sir”s and “Yes ma’am”s from Imus.
  • Imus: “I understand it’s not funny, there’s no excuse, I wish I hadn’t said it, I’m sorry I said it.”
  • Imus said the people calling for his resignation were making an uninformed decision, saying they “don’t know what’s in his heart” — and proceeded to again describe his work with the cancer ranch.
  • Sharpton: “I will give you credit for showing up.”
  • Imus: “I bet I can raise a lot more money than y’all can.”
    Sharpton: “I bet you could before last Wednesday.”

  • Then things began to escalate:

  • Monroe: “We were covering sickle cell anemia back when you were still doing used car ads.”
    Imus: “Sir, you are not going to insult me, I have not insulted you.”

  • Imus: “I’ve slept in a house with more black children that are not related to me than you have. … I didn’t come here to get slapped around.”
  • After disagreeing with a female caller, Imus said: “I can’t get anywhere with you people.”

    “What do you mean by ‘you people’?” Sharpton asked.

    Imus retorted: “Don’t lay that on me — that’s jive.”