IMDB Doesn’t Do Much, But What It Does, It Does Well

IMDB is the one place you can go when you have a bar bet or an argument about who played second banana in “Ghostbusters 2.”

But the extremely popular film website offers one rating for films that has nothing to do with box office, or superstar attraction or even play dates. It’s only about how many of IMDB’s geeky 57 million users clicked in to see certain film elements.

This year, “The Dark Knight” took first place and “There Will Be Blood” in 12th followed by “Sex and the City” in 13th place. Alas, decent films like “The Godfather” were relegated to 23rd, just ahead of “Shawshank Redemption” at 25th.

As IMDB explains:

To that end, IMDb presents the MOVIEmeter Top 25 Films of 2008, rankings based not upon critical assessments or box-office performance, but the actual search behavior of over 57 million users of They’re the movies that were most often on people’s minds, ones they were keen to get information on. It’s a mix of box office hits, upcoming films in production, and classic user favorites — you’ll be surprised to see that some of the highest-ranked movies on our site don’t come out until next year (or in the case of one movie, 2011), but they’re the ones that generated the most heat. And neither dollar amounts nor flashy awards can tell you that definitively.

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