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There are two things to know about this writer today. First, he is beat. Was out far too late, far too often this weekend, and then had to get up at the crack of dawn yesterday to work on a commercial for a bazillion hours. Second, aparently there was something going on in some Southern state this weekend (I think maybe in Oklahoma) and the internet seems to have died while it was going on. So, at least from this writer, it looks like today might be a good day for essays. Essays are easy to read and do the thinking for you. Or at least, you can read them now and, when youre brain is back in order, think about them then. The first is from one of our favorite writers, Khoi Vinh, who has a bunch of interesting things to say in a two-parter about style manuals. Here’s a bit from the opening:

It strikes me that there are lots of problems with style manuals, those definitive pieces of documentation that accompany a completed design solution: Clients want them to be a comprehensive set of full-contigency bylaws governing the usage of the designs they’ve paid for, but they frequently balk at the necessary time and expense that’s necessary to produce anything so complete. Designers want to deliver a sound set of pliable guidelines that will continue to do justice to their work, but even with a capacious budget, they can’t possibly provide enough all-encompassing logic to stand in for design talent absent from a client’s payroll.