iGaga | Barack Obama Has A Few Editorial Notes For You | Tell Me The Weather, Not The News

Animal: Pretty much all you need to be the next Lady Gaga are a few iPhones, a mic, and an ugly vest. Cute nail polish is a plus, though.

Tonsil: Barack Obama is worse than your third grade English teacher.

TVNewser: Speaking of Obama, some people are upset that The Weather Channel featured coverage of the health care bill signing during their morning news segment. Considering the only people who watch The Weather Channel are old tourists who don’t know how to use the remote controls in their hotel rooms, we don’t think the President is too concerned.

NY Observer: I totally Tweeted this the other day (sigh), but it bears repeating – Kudos, Steele Luxury Travel. “Milk & Honey” is probably the best possible name for a gay tour of Israel.

Twitter: Henry Blodget and Felix Salmon got into a Twitter fight today about journalistic standards.

Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Have a great weekend, everyone!