If You Write For A B5Media Blog, Better Start Looking For A New Gig

It sounds as if the bloodbath at B5media isn’t yet over: Elizabeth Spiers, who was brought on by b5media to restructure the entertainment network into Crushable.com, hanging the old entertainment bloggers out to dry in the meantime, has announced that she’s hiring for three other sites.

It’s not a sure thing that these other sites, which Spiers says will be completely rehauled: “tearing them down and starting over—redesigning them, restructuring editorially and adding lots of new original content” are with B5, but the pieces all fit. Again, “tearing down and starting over…restructuring editorially.”

So if you’re with B5 now, start looking for a new thing.

On the bright side, it looks like if you’re not affiliated with B5 currently, there are a few gigs for you opening up. (Sigh.)

By the way, B5 execs, we would love to publish your side of the story, too, but if you keep saying that your comments are off the record or giving us a “no comment” then we’re stuck, aren’t we?